About us

Naughton Kitchens are a family run business established in 1977. During our time in business, we have established ourselves as a leading bespoke kitchen specialist.

We have always taken pride in our craftmanship and ability to provide a top- quality product and service. We are experts in our field, and we strive to provide our customers with the best and most innovative designs and products that the market has to offer.

While we still offer our traditional bespoke services, we are continuously developing our product range to offer the most up to date technologically innovative products, to give you as many options as your heart desires.

We have added our new NOVA range which will let you Experience intelligently engineered kitchens with superb design. Something for every taste, and at an attractive value for money.

We have achieved a master partner status with Neff, and our showroom is considered a connected hub, which is one of only four in the country. This allows us to provide exclusive products at the best discounted rates to all our customers. Our latest appliances in Neff and Simens Studioline are fully Wifi enabled, which allows you to control your appliances from any connected device- including Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home.

1. Getting Ideas and Inspiration for your project

Book a consultation with us today and get inspired for your kitchen! You are entitled to a free consultation with one of our design experts, who will help and advise you to build your dream kitchen. You can expect to have a computerised design drawn up of your kitchen which will be designed to your specification. You will also be given a price for the kitchen design as part of your free consultation. (*Please note that price may not be given at the time of the consultation)

2. Timelines and Project Management

Timelines for completion of kitchen projects vary from time of year and type of project, so it is necessary to try and define a timeline for completion of your project. Your project manager will be able to advise and update you on these timelines.

We will also need to schedule a visit to your workspace to confirm measurements of your room. This will be scheduled with your project manager. He/She will advise as to the best time that this should be done.

3. Confirmation and Completion

Once you are happy to put your project into production and agree timelines with your project manager, a contract will be drawn up. This contract will itemise all requirements of your project, and the price for each item. Terms and Conditions are also included in the contract, along with payment structure and our aftercare process. You should become familiar with all items in your contract to ensure that there are no discrepancies with your project. Once you are happy with this, we will get to work on making your dream kitchen into a reality!