Terms & Conditions

Kitchen Guarantee

S. Naughton Kitchens Limited (SNK) gives a 15 year structural guarantee on its Kitchen. The guarantee covers the structural integrity of the carcass of the Kitchen. It does not cover breakages and damage caused in the normal course of usage.

Timber is a natural product and colours may vary. Colour should not be taken as an exact given colour. Colour may change over time and this is part of the normal ageing of a Kitchen.

Kitchen Design and Drawings

Computerised drawings of Kitchens are provided as a guide free of charge however if drawings are printed and taken away there will be a cost of €75 plus VAT. The €75 is refundable from the 1st instalment of the Kitchen cost. We recommend that customers study the drawings carefully before signing this contract. However, it should be understood that drawings of the plans are only a representation of the Kitchen and should not be taken as the actual Kitchens itself.

After Care Service

It is strongly recommended that Kitchens are maintained in accordance with normal maintenance guidelines.

  • Kitchens should be washed occasionally with soap and water to eliminate stains and greases.
  • Hinges and handles should be kept firmly secured. If they become lose they should be fixed immediately to avoid damage.
  • If doors or frames get damaged they should be fixed immediately to avoid the problem escalating into bigger damage problems.
  • Kitchens should only be painted with paint supplied or approved by SNK. The use of any other paint may damage your kitchen or affect its appearance.
  • Kicker boards are prone to damage so care is needed to dry kickers properly after washing floors. Kicker boards can be sealed at a cost of €5 per metre at the time of installation or retrofitted.


All appliances supplied by SNK will be fitted into position by our fitters free of charge but not commissioned or connected. For the avoidance of doubt SNK only fit appliances into place. SNK do not connect the appliances as qualified plumbers/electricians are required to carry out the connections. Appliances can include but not restricted to cookers, hobs, extractors, dish washers, sink, washing machines and drying machines.

SNK have no responsibility whatsoever for the workings of the appliances. All enquiries regarding connections and repairs must be made directly to the appliance manufacturer. SNK do not undertake appliance repair work of any nature and do not act as intermediary in terms of contacting the appliance manufacturer. Contact details of the product suppliers are as follows

  • Neff: Appliance Care Ltd: 01 4502655
  • Elicia/Franke/ISE/Nordmende : 01 4136481
  • LG: 08 18276955

Fitting of appliances is provided free of charge by SNK. However appliances must be on site on the day that Kitchen fitting begins in order that fitting can take place. If SNK has to go back to site on a separate date to fit appliances supplied by third parties there will be an additional call of charge of €100 plus €40 per appliance. These charges are payable on the day fitting occurs. SNK will remove from site all packaging and coverings from appliances supplied by SNK.


If shelving underneath sink units are removed by plumbers. SNK is not responsible for refitting or any damage that may be caused.

It is the responsibility of the client to have the hole bored for the extractor duct as SNK does not carry out this work. Ducting is not supplied free of charge with the extractor fan, it must be purchased separately. Appropriate duct sizes must be ascertained and fit in accordance with extractor specification.


SNK recommends that the heating is on for 2 or 3 weeks before the Kitchen is Fitted. Insufficient drying before the Kitchen is installed will cause problems with units swelling and doors sticking. SNK is not responsible for any such damage or loss.

Terms of Payment

Our payment terms are divided into three instalments which are as follows:

  • 1st Instalment: 30.0% booking deposit (a job is not booked or secured until a booking deposit is received and cleared)
  • 2nd Instalment: 60.0% due seven working days prior to installation. All cheques must be cleared prior to installation. Installation date will be agreed between the customer and SNK.
  • 3rd Instalment: 10.0% balance payable on the day of installation.
  • Any fees/administration charges incurred by bounced cheques will be referred back to the client.


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